Greensboro Web Designers Officially Launched in November 2022.

Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Web Designers, with an office just outside the city, has begun offering web design and SEO services to the local businesses in the area. Marc, John, and Jeremy, the founders, have made it their mission to help small businesses in the greater Greensboro area with their websites and other digital marketing needs.

They currently offer website creation services on WordPress and Shopify. They also provide Search Engine Optimization services for those looking to gain more traffic. They aim to provide additional services in the future as they grow.

In addition to offering services for hire, they plan to donate one website a quarter to local non-profits that impact the Greensboro area. If you are a non-profit looking for a new or modified website, reach out to be added to the list.

“Launching our business has been a dream of ours for a while and we’re so happy to be offering services to other small businesses, like us”, Jeremy said. “There are so many bad websites out there and they need some help.

For more information about Greensboro Web Designers, please visit their website at